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Turn IE Enhanced Security Configuration On or Off on Windows Server 2012

3.Jan.2013 | by Gusac | Filed in: Articles, Tutorials

Steps to enable or disable Internet explorer security Configuration:   1.  Open Server Manager 2.  Click Configure this local server to open the Local Server configuration page. 3.  Then, in the Properties area, next to IE Enhanced Security Configuration, click On to open the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration dialog. 3.  To allow members of the local Administrators group to use Internet Explorer in its default client configuration, under Administrators click Off. 4.  To allow members of all other groups to use Internet Explorer in its default client configuration, under Users click Off. 5.  Click OK to apply your changes. Once the Internet Explorer Enhanced Configuration is turned off for one set of users, Server Manager will display Off next to Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration.

Issues with Citrix client after installing Internet Explorer 9

27.Apr.2011 | by Gusac | Filed in: Articles, Troubleshoot

I would like to share that Internet Explorer 9 has been bundled as a new update and you might find it installed after a reboot(Windows update) on your home computer. This happened to my desktop machine at home and with it came new issues. Issues: 1) I was unable to launch the Citrix desktop to connect to server. I was being given a prompt to open launch.ica but the application launch never completed.  I was facing the issue mentioned in http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX129082 and finally the solution was to rename the registry   2) I was unable to enter any information in some websites.    Steps to resolve: Launch Citrix Desktop Open regedit and browse to the following location: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\PROTOCOLS\Filter\application/x-ica Disable the MIME filter by renaming the following registry key from x-ica to x-ica.old HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\PROTOCOLS\Filter\application/x-ica   Unable to enter information in some websites. A) We have to enable the compatibility view to get the website to work properly. For reference please check the following MS KB Article: KB 956197 Enable Compatibility View for specific websites in Internet Explorer To enable Compatibility View for specific websites that are not displayed correctly or that are not working correctly, follow these steps: Open the website that is not displayed correctly or that does not work correctly in Internet Explorer 9. Click the Compatibility View button that is located directly to the right side of the address bar next to the Refresh button. Or, on the Tools menu, click to select the option Compatibility View. If the Tools menu is not displayed, press ALT to display the Tools menu. Note: If the Compatibility View button does not appear on the right side of the address bar, or if the command is not available under the Tools menu, you cannot use this method. You may be experiencing a different problem, or the network administrator may have used a Group Policy setting to configure the Compatibility View settings on your computer. If you are using a home computer, see the "Similar problems and solutions and support information" section for alternative steps. If you are using a computer in an enterprise environment, contact your administrator or the help desk. If this method worked, you may have to repeat this method for each website that experiences these problems. Note: When you use this method to fix a website, Internet Explorer saves your Compatibility View setting for that website. Every time that you visit that site, Compatibility View will be used. To stop a website from running in Compatibility View, follow these steps: Click Tools, and then click to select option Compatibility View. You can also add or remove specific websites from Compatibility View without actually visiting each website.

How to uninstall Internet Explorer 9 Beta

23.Sep.2010 | by Gusac | Filed in: Articles, Tutorials

OK, So you tried new IE9 beta and now you don’t like it because some of functionality is still broken.. like flash! You want to remove but its not there in the Add/Remove Programs (or Programs and Features) list! Here is the way to find IE9 beta and remove: Open Programs and Features and click on View Installed Updates option on the left pane. You will get a new screen with the list of updates, scroll down to section that says: Microsoft Windows Click on the item that says: Windows Internet Explorer 9 and hit Uninstall Once the installation is completed, you would require a reboot.

How to disable the Zoom feature in Internet Explorer

30.Jul.2010 | by Gusac | Filed in: Articles, Tutorials

Internet Explorer has an option to zoom the display of its content. This can be done by various methods, which are: From View menu, go to Zoom option. Press the CTRL key while scrolling mouse up zoom in and down for zoom out. Internet Explorer Status Bar - At the bottom right. To disable the zoom feature, we need to modify registry and restart the Internet Explorer. Here are the steps: Open the Registry Editor (regedit) and go to the following location: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Zoom Take the back up of the the above mentioned key. In the right pane, create the following DWORD value: ZoomDisabled Value data for ZoomDisabled should be 1 (for Disabling Zoom). Close the Internet Explorer window and open a new one. We should not have the Zoom option available now. To Enable it again, just change the value data to 0.

How to search directly from Address bar (Internet Explorer)

19.Sep.2009 | by Gusac | Filed in: Articles, Tutorials

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How to disable In-Pane search in Explorer

19.Sep.2009 | by Gusac | Filed in: Articles, Tutorials

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