Changes in mstsc /admin switch

As most of you know by now that since Windows server 2008, mstsc.exe has replaced old /console switch with new /admin switch. This article talks about the behavior when you connect to an administrative session using the /admin switch. Below are the behavioral changes:

  • It does not connect to session 0 of the server unlike /console switch. This is because the session 0 on Windows 2008 and later operating system is used exclusively for the system services.
  • Client access license is not used. If you have Remote desktop services role installed with configured CALs, using this switch will not use one of the CALs.
  • We can have only two sessions on the server including session using /admin switch. This different from previous version where we could have two remote desktop sessions and a third console session using /console switch.
  • Time zone and Plug-n-Play device redirection is not available with /admin session
  • Easy Print feature is not available in the session.
  • Administrative sessions (/admin) are not counted towards session limit.