Troubleshoot – Printer status showing offline


There could be several reason for a printer to show the status as OFFLINE. But the most common that I have come around is due to the SNMP option in its properties.

It is quite possible that printer does not support SNMP or SNMP is not enable/installed on the print server and yet SNMP option is enabled on the Print server. Now due to this the print server tries to communicate with print device over SNMP. The server never gets the response and shows the printer status as offline.

The simple solution is to disable the SNMP feature in printer properties. It does not have any affect on printing functionality of the printer.

  • Open Printer and Faxes or Devices and Printers
  • Right click on the problem printer and go to Printer properties
  • In Printer properties window, go to the Ports tab
  • On Ports tab, click on the button that says Configure Port…




  • In the new page, clear the checkbox that says SNMP Status Enabled and click OK to exit.


  • Refresh the page, it should show status as Ready now.