Installer folder size increasing

Issue Symptoms: %systemroot%\installer folder size is increasing or already has a large size.  [more]

This issue could be due to the orphaned .msp files in the C:\Windows\Installer folder. Sometimes the size of the folder increases upto GBs in size. Here is how you can remove orphaned .msp files…

    • Download Windows Installer CleanUp Utility from Microsoft site and install it on the your problem machine. 


    • Now, This utility has a graphical user interface (GUI) but it uses a command line tool (CLI) in the background. So, we need to get that command line tool. If you haven’t changed the installed location then it should be under:
      C:\Program Files\Windows Installer Clean Up
      There you would have a file named msizap.exe 


    • Now open the command prompt and go to the same location where the ‘msizap.exe’ file is. In our case, c:\program files\windows installer clean up 


    • Now run this command: msizap g 


NOTE: Type the command the way it’s shown here. There is no ‘/’ or ‘-‘ before ‘g’ in this command. ‘g’ here is not a switch but an argument to the msizap. Playing with msizap might break or even remove your other windows installer (msi) packages. Try this at your own risk.

 Download Windows Installer Cleanup Utility