Com+ Event system service at starting state

Issue Symptoms: Com+ Event System service hang at starting state.

One of the reasons, Com+ Event system service hang at the starting state is because another service named ‘DCOM Server Process Launcher’ is not started.
Yes, DCOM Server Process Launcher should be started first at windows boot time. If this service is not started automatically, it will cause Com+ Event System service to break or hang at starting state.
If you would check the Service Control Manager, Com+ Event System service would show ‘Starting’ as it’s status and if you look closely, you’ll know why.

DCOM Server Process Launcher should always be Automatic and started at bootup so that it can launch other DCOM related services and processes.
Core DCOM related services are:

  • DCOM Server Process Launcher
  • Distributed transaction Coordinator service
  • Com+ Event System
  • Com+ System Application Service
  • System Event Notification Service.