How to check Data Execution Prevention (DEP) status through command line.

Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is a set of hardware and software technologies that perform additional checks on memory to help prevent malicious code from running on a system.


For further details: visit Microsoft Support KB Article: 875352

There are quite a few methods to check the DEP status, however, we are going to use command line here.
In command prompt, run the following command:

wmic os get dataexecutionprevention_supportpolicy

It should return a numeric value, which denotes the DEP status on the machine. Here are the possible values that are returned and their meaning:

0 – DEP is disabled for all processes.
1 – DEP is enabled for all processes.
2 – DEP is enabled for only Windows system components and services. (Default)
3 – DEP is enabled for all processes.




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